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Detect if cookies are enabledTag(s): Javascript interaction

The detection is made by trying to write a cookie and reading it back. The value is passed to a Java Applet by create dynamically the APPLET tag.


  document.write("<APPLET CODE='MyApplet.class' HEIGHT=100 WIDTH=400>");
  // check if cookie are enabled
  cookieBackup = document.cookie
  document.cookie = "cookie=yep"
  cookieOk = document.cookie.indexOf("cookie=yep") > -1
  document.cookie = cookieBackup
  document.write(" <PARAM NAME='okToCookie'  VALUE=" + cookieOk + ">");


import java.applet.*;    
import java.awt.*;    

public class MyApplet extends Applet  {

 public void init() {
  add(new Label("Cookie enabled :"));
  add(new Label(getParameter("okToCookie")));