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FAQ about Real's How-to

  • Who are you ?
    • I lived in Charlesbourg (near Quebec city) in Canada. I started with computers many years ago with the TI99A. Then I went to Timex Sinclair with the TS2068 (the american ZX Spectrum), the Sinclair QL (a 68008 computer) and the Cambridge Z88 notebook.I was very involved with the Sinclair community by publishing my own newsletter and writting articles for others. It was a lot of fun with those PEEKs and POKEs. Then I bought a PC, wrote many assembler and C programs. I have done some nice applications for OS2 too!

      Now, I work with Talend and Java. Tomorrow, who knows...

  • Why are you doing this ?
    • I use this site as my "little programming book" and I simply made it available to others. There is no "company" behind it and it's a totally independant.
  • Are you making money with that ?
    • No, but it's always appreciated when someone leave a simple note saying "thank you" (or any comments).

      It DOES cost a lot to produce this site - in ISP storage and transfer fees, in personal hardware and software costs to set up test environments, and above all, the huge amounts of time it takes for one person to design and write the actual content.

      If you feel that effort has been useful to you, perhaps you will consider giving something back?

      Donate using PayPal® to .

      Contributions via PayPal are accepted in any amount using a credit card or checking account. You can contribute by clicking on this image.


  • Why don't you have How-to about *that* ?
    • Keep in mind that this site is maintained only by me and I have "real" job and a family too. How-to submitted by users are very welcomed and credit is always given. However you can send a suggestion about something not covered in the How-to and I will think about it.
  • I have sent you an email and you don't reply, what are you doing ?
    • I don't simply have the time to reply to _every_ questions sent to me by email. Also, since I received a least 1000 spam-a-day, there is a good chance that your mail was unseen by me ...

      Feel free to leave a comment on a specific HowTo using the Hyvor-Talk service or you can send a Twitter direct message at @realhowto.

  • How do I download the PDF site files ?
  • If I download the site for offline viewing can I use it in our intranet ?
    • Sure, this is ok for internal use but please don't make the offline version available on the internet.
    • This site is covered by the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. You can share, adapt and reuse but not for commercial reason. This license is for the site content as a document.
    • There is no restriction to use individual How-To in a development (compiled/source) but a mention is appreciated.
    • See this copyright notice for DISCLAIMER
  • How can I search something on your site ?
    • On the left side of the Welcome and BigIndex pages, you can type a search query and execute it.

      The Search facility is freely provided by

  • How can I know the latest updates ?
    • View my RSS feed : What's new ... but the best way is to subscribe to it with your favorite tool.

      I am also on Twitter :
      Follow RealHowTo on Twitter

  • How do I print a page ?
    • Just use the browser Print function.