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Handle CSV fileTag(s): IO Open Source

com.Ostermiller.util CSV Utils
A simple csv parser library for Java
Framework for flat/XML data transformations. Supported transformations : flat-XML, XML-flat, flat-flat, and XML-XML
Super CSV
This CSV reader/writer makes it easy to read/write objects/maps/string lists with automatic type conversion and constraint checking.
Library for reading and writing CSV and plain delimited text files. All kinds of CSV files can be handled, text qualified, Excel formatted, etc.
A simple set of Java classes used to handle CSV
Flat file parser that handles CSV, fixed length and custom delimiters. Export a DataSet to a fixed length or delimited format. FlatPack provides a sorting mechanism for your flat files.
CsvJdbc is a simple read-only JDBC driver that uses Comma Separated Value (CSV) files as database tables.
FFP - Flat file parsing library, is used to parse text files where lines can be interpreted according to positional patterns. The library can handle both multi-line formats and files containing lines have different known formats ("mixed format" files).
XSLT is built-in in the JDK, you need to create your own transformation in a XSL file. Transform XML into CSV using XSLT