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Display debugging infos for an Applet (this howto is deprecated)Tag(s): DEPRECATED

Make sure that all browsers and JRE are closed. Start the Java Configuration Panel via Start-Parameters or you can launch C:\Program Files\Java\jre[version]\bin\javacpl.exe.

On the Java tab, click to set the parameter for the applet runtime (plugin). Now add the following parameters in the column parameters.

-Djavaplugin.trace=true -Djavaplugin.trace.option=basic|net|security|ext|liveconnect

Next, on the Advanced tab, select Java Console -> Display the console.

The next time when loading an applet, the java console will display with a full trace.

The log is stored in a file. For Windows, the file is C:\Documents and Settings\[YourAccount]\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\log\plugin[version].log/trace