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Prevent of creating of special PB tablesTag(s): Database

These tables (PBCAT*) are useful only in development, they are not used during run-time. PB will create them automatically if not present in a database. To prevent their creation, add (or modify) the following line in the PB.INI file
Or using the IDE, go into the DB-Painter, Design, Options and deselect the 'Use extended attributes'.

Thanks to B. Bailey for the following update :

Actually, PB does use the catalog tables at runtime, if they exist. I have frequently included an ad-hoc query window in many of my applications. As a part of the query window, I create the DW dynamically, using SyntaxFromSQL(). When a DW is thus created, PB uses the catalog tables to define the column characteristics in exactly the same manner as it does in the IDE. For example, if I define an edit style for a column, the dynamic DW will contain the edit style that is specified in the PBCATEDT table.