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Make sanity check works with Oracle (this howto is deprecated)Tag(s): DEPRECATED

Before giving a connection from a connection cache, Jaguar can make a sanity check to determine a connection is still good. By default, Jaguar send SELECT 1 and then, from the SQLState value, check if the connection is alive or not. The statement used is not a valid one for Oracle. So each time, a reconnect will occur (this is not good for a cache!).

Jaguar provides a way to specify the statement used to check if a connection is still alive. Follow this simple procedure :

  • Define an Oracle cache named MyORCLCache
  • Create a file %JAGUAR%\Repository\ConnCache\MyORCLCache.props
  • Add the line 1 from dual
  • Make sure that sanity check is checked on the connection definition tab page.
  • Restart the server