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Print a datawindow into a PDFTag(s): Datawindow

PB9 offers some support to print a datawindow into a PDF. This is possible with the help of Ghostscript.

Ghostscript version 8.14 allows free use, copying, and distribution by end users, but does not allow commercial distribution. More recent version have a GPL type license which maybe not appropriate, you need to read the license!

  1. First download Ghostscript 8.14 (gs814w32.exe) from
  2. Read the end use license agreement
  3. Install Ghostscript and make sure that the PATH contains the Ghostscript bin directory.
  4. Before printing a datawindow into a PDF, you must
    1. Open the dataobject.
    2. In the properties window go to the data export tab.
    3. Select PDF from the "Format to configure" drop down.
    4. Make sure the "Method" drop down has Distill! in it.
Then to print with a the dialog and save:
And to save without a dialog:
             dw_1.SaveAs('c:\file.pdf', PDF!, FALSE)