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Mute the speakersTag(s): WSH VBScript

We launch the SndVol applet and then we send the keys to change the speaker state to mute. Run the script again to toggle the speakers state.

This example is for Windows 7, the keys sent are TAB, (space) and ALT F4 to close the applet when done.

set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")"Sndvol"
WScript.Sleep 1500
shell.SendKeys" "

Note : For a Windows 64-bit, it's SndVol but for Windows 32-bit, the applet is called SndVol32.

Note : The keys may be not the same for the various Windows version.

This is a quick hack so keep in mind that SendKeys will send keys to the current active window. You can try to make sure that the SndVol is the active window by using

shell.AppActivate("Volume control")
before sending the keys but the window name depends on the Windows version and language so be careful.